Ada Xiaoyu Hao


Ada Xiaoyu Hao (b. 1993) is a performance artist, originally from Shandong, China, growing up in Beijing, China, educated in U.S. and UK, and now residing in London, UK. 

She works with performance, bodies and technology to attend time, spaces and places that appears to be in need of work. 

郝晓宇(生于1993)是一名做表演的艺术工作者, 生在中国山东,在北京长大成人,在美国和英国就学,目前居住在伦敦。



Her current practice-based research uses performance-oriented ontology that works to create a“schizo-production of becomings”, which decentres one’s subjectivity with the embodiments of fictional narratives and role-playing characters.  This responds to the rhizomatic components of otherness and the heterotopic knowledge of the self being in a constant process of become-ing, perform-ing and belong-ing. 


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