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 Playing ExquisiteCorpse with Human and Artificial Intelligence: Explore the potential ofhyper-authorship in forging translocal and digital heritage with the syntheticuse of language, digital technology, AI and the human body
DRHA 2023 (Digital Research of Humanities and Arts)



Being a body and becoming somebody: Performance, Fictioning and Subjectivity  (PhD Thesis)

Touch me not,Textual Practice (Routledge, Volume 27, Issue 5) 


Make this tango viral: Touching toward the untouchable in tele-synesthesiaperformance, Journal ofContemporary Chinese Art, Volume 8 (2-3): 237-266, Published by Intellect,Novermber 2021. (

 ‘Making touch visible with the suture of fantasy with virtualaesthetician in “The Best Facial Clinic” – The glitchy-score oftele-synaesthesia performance in the age of global pandemic’, Node 28, Artnodes (Journal on Art, Science and Technology), , July 2021.


‘The Noise of Becoming’, edited by Dr. Tony D.Sampson (UEL), Dr. Andy Weir (Art University Bournemouth) and Dr. Charlie Tweed(Bath Spa University), The International Journal of Creative Media Research(IJCMR), Issue 5 (October 2022). 


Cross talk: a halfwaypoint, a sidebar reflection’, in collaboration with Annie Jael Kwan, Ada Hao, Trâm Nguyễn, Cường Phạm, Jia Qi Quek, Sau Bin Yap andHowl Yuan, Commissioned for 4A Papers Issue 6 (2019)


 ‘Like a flower paddle my teeth’, Digital Cover Collaboration with Paul Melon Center, Issue 13, BritishArt Studies, , September 2019.

Duties of Care: The Mask of Sanity, Conversation with Stephanie Moran and Annie Jael Kwan, Iniva Research Network, Stuart Hall Foundation,


‘GOOD? FOOD?RESPONSIBILITY!’, Emergency Index, Vol. 5:304-305, an annualdocument of performance practice. Published by Ugly Ducking Press (2015),edited by Sophia Cleary and Zoe Guttenplan.

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