Ada Xiaoyu Hao

Salad Bunker (2015)

Location: ArtRat Art Studio, Roanoke, Virginia, United States

Title: Salad Bunker

Date: Dec 20th, 2015

Brief: What is ART? What is a Salad? How to make art? How to make a salad? By dramatizing the act of making a salad with kinds of "signature" and "healthy" vegetables and fruits, this piece was made to address the doctrine of the art world, the art market, and hence the everyday life of a modern being. What is the function of a salad? What is the function of art? A kind of food? An act of beginning for a discourse in a presentable form? 

Does ART curate a free space with automatic acts and movements? Can we just throw what we have under all the censorship in the form of "fake dome camera"?  How do you distinguish a bunker for art and the reality? Can you act accordingly in both "artificial" space?

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