Ada Xiaoyu Hao

"I'm sorry of your death"

Model built for the performance piece, "I'm sorry of your death" at the art exhibition, 

"Mom, Look, Birds!", Millington Basement, Williamsburg, Virginia

Remember the day you let go of the handlebars while riding your bike.
You proudly shouted out, 

“Mom, look, no hands!”

As a natural site deemed tohave cultural-historical value, I expand conceptually to look at humanconstructed sites that blur the borders between public and private space: 

- Wheredo you stand in the nature? 

- Where could “the nature” fit in this man-made architecturalspace? 

- How do we function and move around the institutions? Physically andmentally. 

This is a model plan for the performance piece, which will be in action on March 25th, 2016, at the Ornithology Lab, Milington Hall Basement, Williamsburg, Virginia, United States, as part of the night of instantaneity curated by the artist Ada Hao and Lindsay Garcia.

It's the artist's intension to transform the idea of art into the scientific research, vice versa. 

Centered around the idea of hybrid research, underlining the openness and fluidity of the thought of art, Mum Look, Birds! (both as the name of the exhibition and the performance pieceowns the social and political implications and its level of public understandability. 

The audience are invited to see the artist in action, by poking holes through the plastic wrap around the lab table, while the artist will act and react accordingly, while being under the eyes of beholders.

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