Size: 16inches * 20inches

Medium: Sand, Plastic Sandwich Bag, Handmade Wooden Frame

Date: Jan 2016 

Stemming from the hint of alienation

for which one individual always feels another boundary of liminality,

I squat next to the James River, trying to hold the handful of sand together

to gather, together; when or never.

Ride on Pocahonta's long black hair 

blind my eyes with the grey strip 

Rebecca and John, Matoaka Smith

Lived long in each other's eyes

the 'others' ?

How does the history act as both a motivator and a “show stopper” along the progress of the development that is not only happening, but happened in the land that has been exploited and overpowered by the history. 

The artist wants to remind herself of the 'grounded' James River by looking into the sand bag. The transparent sandwich bag bought from the supermarket is to apply its function in keeping the sand 'fresh'. 

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