7pm, November 21, 2014

As the sky was dyed to a color like the cooked eggplant,
I saw from far, a security link,
a critical link started to approach me, as I was drawn closer and closer to the crowd at Oxford Circus, London.

With no caption to announce their names,
family, sisters, brothers, woman, man, boys, girls, babies in the cart and everyone else,
who are only there for a place to stand on the ground.
I didn't have my equipment with me, so I went to the Kodak Shop with main service offering passport photo, and bought a disposable camera,

not to record,
but to show my support, to spread the word,
we are no like others, we are like others, we are like you,
who was buying clothes in Forever 21 or was doing grocery in Whole Foods down the street.

Take one man/woman out, we stand up,
holding on the string, standing upon the past,
playing the sound from the nature.

- verse -

Ada Xiaoyu Hao

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