Ada Xiaoyu Hao

re-cord (2016)

Re-cord (2016)

Recipt roll and mixed media

“What’s the point in dying, if you don’t know the cause ofthe death?”

Is life a property of the material structure of a living

system or is it an abstract form of organization that can be realized in other media; abstracted as well as natural? 

As a discontinuous living cell, how do we construct meaning from

nonsense in the reproductive society with it own pace of fluidity?

The artist explores these questions by leading you through a tunnel under construction, a fully immersive and sensory path within the public space, where the scattered minds are orbiting in a mono pattern like the procedure of flattening photographic moments from the three dimensional lifeworld.

The artist’s setup for this long durational “performance” encourages a similar journey into the process of making the artwork, as the viewers are invited by the artist to cut away pieces from the physical body of the receipt roll exposed with cherry tree ashes under the sun.

After all, we are all in this together, to gather.

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