Touching is a device to engage with the detached vision, to be “in touch” with materiality, to touch the touching.

Echoing with my research topic: Performativity of Post-Human Bodies: Dialectics of Corporeality and the Desire of becoming, this degree show work is in search for the alternative of corporeal dialectics of the contemporary body, which enable the self to envision a possible future for the "peripheried" body. The installation presents desire of becoming that echos with psychological ambivalence of self-abjection and a longing desire to belong; reveals the personal fantasy for new haptic sensitivity, self-mutation and bioconservation in a spatio-temporal scenario; and bridges the gap the human’s fantasy and desire of becoming to get ready for our own future as hybrid creatures.

*Somatic is derived from Greek, it’s our flesh and also the body’s cavity, the space where our organs rest, live and work, and where we get our nutrient dispatched.

Soma is from Indo-persian, means, to press and to be newly born, in searching for divine.

Medium: Single Chanel 4K Video, Sound Dome Speaker, X-ray Light box and Scan, Latex coated wooden shelf, Silicone, Water, Glass

Review by Zachary Small on Hyperallergic:

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