The Perfect Meal

“Think, dream and act according to what they eat and drink.”
It is the dinner, the last supper,
designed for gourmand and polymath.
It's a celebration,
for the great nature,
for my friends and your friend,
for the preposterous food,
for the historical fact of living and being,
and for the amusement that you would dream.

In homage to the gastronomic masterpiece Futurist Cookbook, 
Living Evidence is glad to invite you to this dinner, 
a food fest to satisfy and rejuvenate the primitive flavor of exotic ingredients. 
With its ultimate aim to create a harmony between one's palate and one's life, today and tomorrow.

The Manifesto

A. The abolition of pasta, that absurd Italian gastronomic religion

“Unlike bread and rice, pasta is a food that is gulped down, not chewed. 

This starchy food is largely digested by saliva in the mouth, 

and the pancreas and liver are not engaged in the work of transforming it, leading to an imbalance in the work of transforming it, leading to an imbalance with disorders of those organs. 

This results in: sluggishness, pessimism, nostalgic inactivity, and neutralism.”

B. The abolition of volume and weight in the way nutrition is conceived

and evaluated.

“it was their way of killing nostalgia”

C. The abolition of the traditional mixtures in order to experiment with all the seemingly preposterous new mixtures, 

following the advice of Jarro Maincave and other Futurist cooks. 

“We invite chemistry to take on the task of quickly providing the body with the necessary calories using nutritive equivalents provided free by the State,  

in the form of powder or pills, 

albuminoid compounds, 

synthetic fats, 

and vitamins. 

This will achieve a real reduction in the cost of living, 

with a commensurate decrease in working hours.”

D. The abolition of mediocre quotidianism in the pleasures of the palate.

“Today only one workman is required for two thousand kilowatts.

Machines will soon constitute an obedient iron steel aluminum proletariat

at the service of humans who are almost entirely relieved of manual work.

Reducing manual labor to two or three hours means the other hours can

be improved and ennobled with reflection on the arts and the anticipation

of perfect meals.”

A La Carte

Avocado Cardinale


Aerivuvanda - Aerodish 

(Beetroot Colored Smoked Salmon)

Aerivuvanda - Aerodish 

(Watermelon with embedded Halloumi)

Riso Dierodiate, Arancine De Riso

Fragolamammella - Strawberry Breast


 (Self-grown Radish planted from seeds for the guests to take away) 

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